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Automated flattening and cutting line :

Automated flattening and cutting line :
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The flattening line is one of important parts of metal industrial series. It converts multi-dimensional and multi-thickness metal rolls to standard sheets which required at domestic and international markets.
Technical properties
  • Full-automated line
  • Easy to use and set
  • Can process multi-thickness of metal as required
  • Line sections are settable appropriate with raw material and product
  • Line speed is controlled according to raw material thickness
  • Keeps the color paint or zinc paint of raw material
  • Speed production
  • This line works on three-phase voltage
  • Supported with hydraulic combination
  • Moveable shear (Optional)
  • Except of misuse there are 1 year guarantee from production date
The line’s main sections
  1. Hydraulic coil
  2. Feeding section
  3. Slitting section
  4. Hydraulic shear
  5. The carrier
  6. Packaging section
  7. The control panel


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