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Our products

يتكون الخط من عدة آلات مبرمجة متصلة ببعضها البعض وظيفتها هي تحويل شريحة الصاج الى انبوب معدني بأحسجام مختلفة واشكال عديدة حسب القوالب المستخدمة أثناء العمل

This type of machine can form the iron and metal sheets as the customer requires.

And there are a lot of types and forms of these machines and this machine is the most


This machine converts the metal sheets which produced by form machine to metal brackets that used in construction works and industrial facility

This machine is one of huge machines in this field , it includes steel blades which able to cut metal sheets at vertical form , and convert metal sheet rolls to many parts as required dimensions to us it in many fields

The flattening line is one of important parts of metal industrial series. It converts multi-dimensional and multi-thickness metal rolls to standard sheets which required at domestic and international markets

This machine function is conversion the metal sheet to C form.

This types of machine’s function is forming the metal sheet and convert it from straight form to variable  forms appropriate with costumer needs.

This type of machine is used in many fields in metal forming levels

Metal sheet twister works with manual or hydraulic system  

Twists metal sheets circularly and with variable diameters as required



Simple machine works with electrical-programmed mechanical system. It converts metal sheets from straight form to circular shape with variable diameters as required.

This types of machine’s function is forming and bending solid metals

This types of machine’s function is forming and bending solid metals

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